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Understanding Digital Marketing Analytics

Digital marketing is simply the aspect of internet and digital marketing which makes use of digital and web based technologies like mobile phones, desktop computers and other electronic media and social platforms. It is one of the fastest growing marketing techniques that businesses use today to get the desired response and increase their sales. With the help of digital marketing companies, you can easily design and launch a campaign that is suitable for your business. These companies often help businesses in knowing the type of audience they are looking for so that they can make their advertisements more appealing to customers. They also help businesses in monitoring the success of their campaign so that they can improve on it and make it more effective. Digital marketing helps businesses in gaining brand awareness, increasing visibility and generating higher sales revenue.

If you want to start a successful advertising campaign, then you need to hire the services of a digital marketing company which will take care of all your needs. The digital marketing strategy should be planned and implemented properly. There are certain rules which need to be followed by every digital marketing company. One of the best strategies which are used by most businesses is social media marketing. Social media marketing helps businesses in providing information about their products, services and promotions through various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many others.

A social media campaign is not complete without the integration of Facebook Advertising. Facebook Advertising enables you to create campaigns which target specific groups of people with whom you would want to have closer interaction. When a user enters any search query related to your product, he/she may end up visiting your website. The users browsing the pages of your website will be able to “like” or comment on the pages. These comments or likes will help you in building relationships with these individuals.

You can use the Facebook Advertising along with the traditional online marketing channels like Pay per click, display advertising, etc. The Omni Channel is a platform which helps businesses to enhance the interaction between their web and mobile users. This interactive platform is made up of more than sixty different channels. These channels include video advertisements, RSS feeds, RSS news feeds, photo streams, text-to-speech and mobile apps that run on dedicated backend servers for complete control.

With the assistance of digital marketing analytics you can track your conversions using the KPIs mentioned below:

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a great way to analyze your digital strategy and compare your results against your expectations. A good example of a KPI is conversion rate. Conversion rates can be measured in percentage of clicks, number of sessions and average time on the page, and can be calculated based on the demographics of each group.

Digital tactics are tactics that you employ during your digital marketing campaigns. Some common digital tactics include creating landing pages where visitors can subscribe to your list, sharing direct messages with prospects, offering incentives for subscribers and so on. Other digital tactics include ad tracking, testing ads across networks, measuring ad performance, and analyzing campaign expenses. You can also measure campaign ROI and profitability using Google Analytics.

Digital marketing strategies need careful management. Your strategy should cover all the dimensions of your business, not just a few. For example, if you have a blog then you would need to measure the number of times your advertisement is displayed as well as the number of people who view your blog. In addition, you will need to track the conversion rate, click through rate, open rate and retention rate of each ad group. A good analytics platform will help you track these and other dimensions of your digital marketing strategies.